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Solar Sity ENERGY COMPANY ist seit dem 20.10.2011 Mitglied der Windenergie Topliste


One of the leading suppliers of solar modules in Russia.Solar power plants and stand-alone wind turbine kits allow the customer does not depend on the wire power lines.
Profile of the companies working on alternative energy market consists not only of the sale and installation of solar panels and wind turbines. The company "Solar City" performs electrical work and work-related montage low-voltage systems.We sell solar panels, batteries, diesel generators, solar panels, wind generators, air conditioners and split systems, electric vehicles and elektromototsikly, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), mobile elektrostantsii.Kupit batteries, buy batteries for automobiles, electric cars can have forever.Alternative energy is the best way to live in a clean area of ​​environmental Earth! Solar and wind turbine and the company "Solar City"-your best friend! >Webseite besuchen

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