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All small wind turbines

Finding an index of all the world's small wind turbines can be quite difficult. Although a lot of information can be retrieved, it is still a lot of work to bring it all together. This website has been set up to evolve to a total overview of small wind turbines.

Please note that all the information on this website has been taken from websites of manufacturers, wind energy associations and turbine dealers. The standard arrangement of the turbines is totally arbitrarily.

Although the intention of this website is to give a total and correct overview, small errors can always occur. If you run into false information please use the "add a turbine" form to send the right information.

Besides the information on this website, the layout of the website is also under construction, as you have probably noticed. Please look beyond the somewhat amateurish lay out and try to appreciate the displayed information. >Webseite besuchen

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